General Terms of Use and Conditions

Accessing, navigating and generally using the website further named as Website, you are agreeing to the General Terms of Use and Conditions of the site.

1. Intellectual property

a. The entire content of this Website, regardless of its nature, is the exclusive property of the Fapte Association (Asociația Fapte), further known as the Association, content which is protected by the copyright legislation and related rights. The transferred content of banners and other means of displaying messages with informative or advertising purposes and the materials sent by users published on the website is protected by and in accordance with the copyright law regarding brands, patents and such others.

b. Any comment must respect the right to intellectual property. Users have a personal responsibility when breaking the law regarding copyright and related rights. Express your personal opinion, and for references to materials that don’t belong to you, mention the source, ensuring that it’s done right and, if need be with the approval of the owner.

c. The name “Jazz in the Park”, its logos and the symbols associated with it, also any combinations of these with any word, graphic symbol or with any other form, used on the Website, are the exclusive property of the Association. These cannot be used in any way without previous, explicit, and written consent of the Association. Abusive use of the Website, previously unwarranted in writing by the owner of the Website, is forbidden and falls in the category of legal norms in effect, attracting liability to the user.

d. The information and all messages communicated on the Website or through the Website cannot be accounted as confidential information, and as of the time of its posting on the site, it becomes the property of the Association.

e. The owner of the Website has the right to undertake any desirable or necessary action, in relation to anything representing the content of the Website.

2. User rights

a. The right to access, navigate and use this Website
b. The right to benefit from the information posted on the Website
c. The right to express their opinion by commenting, and to ask for additional information the Contact details displayed in the Contact section.

3. Obligations of visitors/users

a. to use the Website lawfully

b. not to violate the technological measures used for the protection of the Website
• not to initiate or unfold activities that fall under the category of hacking, cracking or any similar activities, with the sole purpose of affecting the well-being of the Website, the server, the safety of the information etc.
• not to insert code or lines of code with the characteristics of a virus or malware that could endanger the safety of the data, the Website etc.

c. not to store, copy, multiply, distribute, archive, keep – by any means – any material or information from the Website, or anything related to its content;

d. not to post messages/materials on the Website with illicit, discriminating, abusive, harassing, threatening, vulgar, obscene, racist, sacrilegious, offensive or slanderous character for either people or organisations, harmful in any way, by its nature inducing an illegal behaviour or in contradiction with the declared purposes of this Website;

e. not to post advertising (this clause also targets advertisement in signature). In case you are interested in posting an advertisement, prior posting, please contact the owner/administrator of the Website. Posting links to other pages that contain links/adverts of the Website is an exception from the rule. In this regard, we have the right to refuse certain a site, based on our own considerations;

f. spam is forbidden and will be sanctioned with regard to the statements from point 6.

g. not to post comments that can be considered unsolicited commercial messages or which contain recommendations, explicit or default, regarding selling or buying a certain product or service.

h. not to leak confidential information

i. not to publish messages that can bring harm to the image, price or market value of a product/service/brand/organisation or that can affect the public image of a person. not collect personally identifiable information by the Website’s users;

4. Contact rules and the form of posted comments

Any comment will strictly regard another person’s message, not the other person. Disagreement will be expressed in clear, polite terms written in a coherent and decent language. Messages that express critical attitudes must be formulated in order to respect the rules of a civilised polemic.

5. Responsibilities

a. The users are completely legally responsible for their comments.

b. The owner and the administrator of the Website will take no responsibility for:
• the form and content of the messages posted by the users on the Website
• any violation of regulations by the Website’s users
• damage of any kind that can appear while using the Website and the services it offers or the users’ impossibility to use them
• interruption of the Website’s functionality or its servers
• inherent risks that can appear by using the Website and the Internet in general – viruses, different elements or actions that can cause damage, violation information security and so on;
• loss of information caused by bugs or errors of the software of which the site consists of or the software on which the site is hosted
• security breaches that can occur in the context of the Website’s hosting company
• the correctness and topicality of the information
• content given by third parties, regardless of its character
• content or information that appears on websites toward which the Website has links or which benefit through advertisement on the Website or websites which have links towards this page or advertise of it.
• the Association/the Website takes no responsibility for its impossibility to conform to the afore stated conditions due to any cause beyond its control, including but not being limited to the activity of a third party or emergencies.

c. The content of the Website (including posted comments) can be modified, deleted or moved by the owner or by authorised personnel, without notice, based on the reasoning of the Website’s owner or of its authorised personnel.

d. The owner of the Website cannot be held accountable for modifying, suspending or interrupting the available services through the Website.

e. The content of the Website represents the opinions of those who post materials and comments. These are mostly subjective and cannot be used or cited as sources of authority or competence in any domain. Applying them normatively, to your own life, is your decision and responsibility as a users/visitor.

f. In order to create links to this site, to post links/banners to/for the Website or on the Website for another website, you must forward your request via e-mail to the Association. In the case of acceptance, you will be contacted via e-mail, fax or on hard copy sent to the specified address. We do not take any responsibility regarding situations in which we can be associated with unaffiliated websites and situations in which unverified links could appear on the Website with the Owner’s consent.

g. The Website cannot be accused in any way of producing damage through its content or by its access/usage.

6. Sanctions
a. Violation of the aforementioned rules by the visitors/users leads to reediting or deletion of their messages, adverts and/or blocking the access for a determined or undetermined period of time.

b. We have the right to appeal to the rightful organisations regarding violations of usage regulations that cannot be resolved by other means

7. Final dispositions

The terms and conditions of this Website can be modified at any given time, without prior or further notice, and will take effect as soon as they are posted, which is why we are asking you to reread them periodically, especially if there is a notice on the main page regarding a change of terms and conditions.

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